At Salon 101 we pride ourselves in the service we give to our customers and have built up many good relationships with our clients over the years - this is a chance for us to give you the inside info on us - the team.... 



About Vince  I opened up the Salon in 1982 and remember it like it was yesterday. That feeling of nerves and excitement but they have proved to be the best years of my life. Made up of great, funny and friendly clients who have made these 30 years fly by - especially when discussing football!!!


About Pierino  When I was 13 years old I used to walk past my uncle's Barber Shop everyday on my way home from school and one day he asked me to come in and sweep up and from that point I realised hairdressing was what I wanted to do. From there I got a Saturday Job and  30 years later I'm still here proudly cutting the hair of Kettering.


About Donna  I have worked in the salon alongside my husband Vince since 1986. It's been a lot of fun, we have made lots of friends amongst our clients. Long may it continue!!!

Our Friendly  Team